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Investigators from all over the world keep readers informed of current strategies in the prevention, recognition and treatment of heart disease. Their articles not only describe but offer critical appraisals of new developments in non-invasive and invasive diagnostic methods and in pharmacologic, nutritional and mechanical/surgical therapies. Special sections in a variety of subspecialty areas reinforce the journal's value as a complete record of recent progress for all cardiologists, internists, cardiac surgeons, clinical physiologists, pharmacologists and interested professionals in other areas of medicine.​

The 'Journal of Vascular Research' publishes original articles and reviews of scientific excellence in vascular and microvascular biology, physiology and pathophysiology. A broad spectrum of vascular and lymphatic research is covered, including vascular structure, vascular function, haemodynamics, mechanics, cell signalling, intercellular communication, growth and differentiation. JVR's 'Vascular Update' series regularly presents state-of-the-art reviews on hot topics in vascular biology. The 'Journal of Vascular Research' is the official journal of the European Society for Microcirculation.

​'Cerebrovascular Diseases' is an international forum for the growing need for sophisticated, up-to-date scientific information on clinical data, diagnostic testing, and therapeutic issues, dealing with all aspects of stroke and cerebrovascular diseases. It contains original contributions, reviews of selected topics and clinical investigative studies, recent meeting reports and work-in-progress as well as discussions on controversial issues. All aspects related to clinical advances are considered, while purely experimental work appears if directly relevant to clinical issues.

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