​​From a cutting-edge scientific programme to opportunities for discussion, debate and collaboration, these highlights show why you should attend EAS 2014 Madrid: 

  1. Learn from distinguished experts from around the world
    EAS brings together an international array of distinguished speakers with true expertise in a wide range of atherosclerosis research and treatment, carefully selected based on their scientific credentials.  In plenary sessions they put recent developments in the field into context from their unique perspective.

  2. Discover the latest advances in research and clinical practice in the field of atherosclerotic disease
    The scientific programme includes workshops, for in-depth analysis of front-line research and new data. Participants will benefit from numerous opportunities to listen, discuss in workshops on a variety of cutting-edge topics.

  3. Understand the causes, natural history, treatment and prevention of atherosclerotic disease
    EAS is the forum for the in-depth study of atherosclerosis. Basic and clinical scientists, clinicians, and practitioners with interest in cardiovascular diseases all present at EAS Congress, in a wide variety of symposia and satellites on various issues in the field. The 82nd Congress is the ultimate meeting to access the full spectrum of information related to atherosclerosis.

  4. Meet and connect with professional colleagues
    EAS is attended by atherosclerosis experts and professionals from over 75 different countries. Active discussion and exchange are encouraged in moderated poster sessions and networking events. EAS is the perfect opportunity to initiate scientific collaboration and cooperation, shaping the future of atherosclerosis research and clinical treatment.

  5. Experience the capital of Spain during the best season of the year!
    May is the perfect time to visit the lively and exciting city of Madrid. Whether it is art, music, food, history or architecture that you enjoy most – Madrid offers it all.

With a long-standing tradition of leadership and excellence, this year marks the society's 50th anniversary. Join us, the EBAC accredited 82nd EAS Congress in Madrid, this May for unforgettable experience.



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