Committee of Honour


HM Queen Sofia of Spain


HE Mrs Ana Mato Adrover
Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality ​
HE Mr Ignacio Gonzalez Gonzalez
President of the Community of Madrid 
HE Mr F. Rodriguez Rodriguez ​
Health Counsellor of the Regional Government of Madrid 
HE Mrs Ana Botella Serrano
Mayoress of Madrid
HE Mr Joaquin Poch Broto
President of the Royal Academy of Medicine
Mr Juan Jose Rodriguez Sendin
President of the General Council of Colleges of Physicians of Spain
Prof. Dr.José Carrillo Menendez
Magfco Rector of the University Complutense of Madrid
Prof. Dr. Jose Luis Alvarez-Sala Walther
Dean of School of Medicine. University Complutense of Madrid
Prof. Dr. Juan Ascaso Gimilio
Elected President of the Spanish Society of Atherosclerosis​

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